Strategy & project structuring has developed an expertise in the field of strategy, supporting clients in their activities in Africa:

  • Investment funds (fundraising, target identification, due diligence, valuation)
  • African, European SMEs (fundraising, structuring of JV, PPP), Multinationals (CSR program, PPP structuring)
  • Governments
  • Multinationals

Examples of projects:

  • Development strategy of a major insurance player – Panafrican
  • Growth strategy for an agri business player – West Africa
  • Development strategy of an aerospace player – Panafrican
  • Development strategy of a Bank – North Africa
  • Socio-economic development strategy of a region – Morocco
  • 15-year Industrial strategy for a major mining player, from the mine to the port – West Africa
  • National development strategy for the Agriculture sector – North Africa
  • National development strategy for SME– West Africa
trategy & project structuring