Economic development and CSR has developed a strong expertise in the field of economic development in Africa, working notably with:

  • African governments and public instititutions
  • Bilateral and multilateral development agencies
  • NGO and foundations

Examples of projects:

  • Socio-economic development strategy for a whole region – Maghreb
  • Development strategy for the textile sector – Ministry of Industry (Maghreb)
  • National development strategy for agriculture and industry – Maghreb
  • National development strategy of the agriculture sector and the industrial sector – Maghreb
  • Plan to support SMEs (financing, technical assistance) – SME Promotion Agency (Maghreb and West Africa)
  • Institutional and financial reviews in the transport, energy and water sectors – West Africa & North Africa
  • Export promotion: Campaign launch – West Africa
  • Support to eligibility for MCC Compact Development – West Africa
  • Micro-finance portfolio reviews for a foundation – Pan African
Economic development and CSR