Who are we?

Okan is a strategic consulting and financial advirsory firm dedicated to Africa, founded by former McKinsey consultants passionate about Africa and with 30+ years experience in the field

  • Excellent understanding of the opportunities (for instance BOP segment, South South cooperation)
  • Intimate knowledge of doing business environment (for instance state role, weakness of legal framework)
  • Ambitious vision for the continent

Okan supports the key players of Africa development, covering the key sectors that support the economic take-off of the continent, to ensure the success of its clients for their critical projects:

  • Strategic consulting: corporate strategy, public sector strategy, project structuring, implementation support
  • Financial advisory: Fund raising (debt, equity), Merger & Acquisition (buy-side, sell-side)

Okan enjoys a large network of partners and experts (in varying sectors and functions), all specialists of Africa, that can be mobilized on demand, to best support its clients

Okan has developed a strong network and experience in the field to connect the various project’s stakeholders (public / private, project developers / financers, development financial institutions, NGOs, …)

Okan is able to serve its clients on competitive financial terms, offering the same excellence and rigor as leading consulting firms with a flexible corporate organization

Our values

The Okan team shares strong values​​. These core beliefs guide their action in their relationship with clients and within the company :

  • Deliver the best of our firm to every client in order for them to achieve maximum impact
  • Work exclusively for clients with whom we share both ambitions and values
  • Uphold the greatest respect in our human relationships
  • Maintain an absolute personal and professional integrity
  • Adopt an entrepreneurial and flexible approach to serve our clients in their best interests

Why Okan ?

Okan (Cylicodiscus gabunensis): high tropical tree (40-60 m) native to West Africa, used for construction and joinery.

Okan conveys a triple message:

  • Its branches represent the African “parley tree”, i.e. the dialogue and close collaboration Okan wants to establish with its clients
  • Its strength symbolizes the type of output Okan wants to deliver to its clients: both solid and sustainable
  • Its size symbolizes the high ambition Okan desire to share with its clients in their projects