Our African experience

The founders of Okan have 30 years + of experience across the African continent.

The founders of Okan have completed over 50 missions in Africa over the last 5 years for private companies (SME, multinational, investment funds) and public clients (governments, public institutions, donors).

With its tight network of local partners, Okan covers the vast majority of the Continent.

Our African experience

Our convictions

The social and economic potential of Africa is huge, yet largely untapped: unique opportunities exist for the entrepreneurs ready to take up the challenge.

The continent is moving – it’s high time to start thinking big: « the sky is the limit »

  • Designing integrated greenfield projects (e.g. rail, logistics and agriculture)
  • Strengthening downstream activities (agro processing, etc.)
  • Participating in world trade and developing national and regional markets
  • Building long-term and committed partnerships with governments

Investors need to focus on the triple bottom line (financial, social, and environmental) to be successful in the long run.

Adaptation to local context is critical: international best practices must be adapted to Africa (thinking mode and implementation scheme).

Execution remains a challenge: strategy must be robust and implementation must be carefully planned (Success = 20% strategy + 80% execution).

African proverbs

African proverbs exude wisdom. They have much to contribute to meet the multiple challenges of the continent

Wisdom and experience

« The old elephant knows where to find water »
« It is by cutting down trees that you learn the art of the lumberjack »
  • Only wisdom and experience have answers to some questions

Work, patience and tenacity

« At the end of patience there is heaven »
  • The importance of being patient to achieve his ends

« He who loves tattoos does not shrink from the incisions »
  • To succeed, we must not shrink from the effort and difficulties

Adaptability and flexibility

« If you’re in the middle of toads squatting, don’t ask for a chair »
« Who loves a dog must also love his chips »
  • There are no projects without inconvenience

« Only the person occupying the hollow of the tree can provide you with lots of honey »
Côte d’Ivoire
  • It is important to know the right persons to achieve his ends

Common sense and need to listen to advice

« You build a house by following a plan »
  • Nothing happens without a plan

« Too many advices had made the lizard deaf »
  • You have to give timely advice