Financial advisory

Okan supports its clients to finance their development (debt raising or equity) and supports them in their M&A operations (buy-side, sell-side)

Thanks to its intimate knowledge of financial players active on the continent and their requirements, Okan is linking projects and companies with the capital

Okan prepares and structures the transaction upfront and supports its clients during the whole process till financial closing. Specifically:

  • Financial modelling and transaction structuring
  • Company or project valuation
  • Production of formal documentation for investors (e.g. teaser, information memorandum)
  • Investment process preparation (data room, etc.)
  • Short-listing of target investors / potential buyers
  • Coordination of due diligence processes
  • Support for negotiation of best investment terms and conditions
  • Coordination / facilitation until financial closing

Recent success :

  • Okan, financial advisor to the New Mauritius Hotels (NMH) group for the sale and lease back transaction of 3 Mauritian hotels of Beachcomber brand
    • Sale by NMH of a 44.42% stake in its subsidiary BHI (holding the 3 hotels property) to Mara Delta Group and bank loans raising
    • Total transaction amount: EUR 100m

  • Okan, financial advisor to 2 of the 3 shareholding families for the sale of Pétro Ivoire company, one of the leading players in oil and gas distribution in Côte d’Ivoire
    • Sale of a 39% stake in the company

  • Okan, financial advisor to Necotrans group for the financing of Terminal Vraquier du Sénégal (TVS) development in Dakar Autonomous Port
    • Financing by a consortium led by the West African Development Bank (BOAD) together with 2 private banks
    • Total transaction amount: EUR 39.6m

  • Okan, financial advisor to the panafrican startup job board Africawork for its Series A fundraising
    • Opening of the startup capital to finance its development: expansion to new countries, new services
    • Total transaction amount: EUR 250’000

Other examples :

Fund raising

  • Fundraising support for a large-scale industrial plantation project (50’000 Ha)
    • Production of the information memorandum in coordination with the client team: agronomist, financial, legal, commercial members
    • Financial modelling and computation of profitability indicators

  • Corporate strategy and fundraising support for a panafrican infrastructure group
    • Presentation of existing assets, definition of investment strategy and identification of projects pipeline
    • Support for fundraising: USD 140m raised


  • Financial advisory for the acquisition of a gas power plant – 70 MW
    • Strategic due diligence
    • Asset valuation, risk assessment and support for the acquisition process

  • Financial advisory for the sale of a wheat mill and pasta factory (target 30m USD)
    • Financial modelling and asset valuation
    • Documentation preparation (teaser, info memo)
    • Coordination of discussions with investors, support to negotiation