Infrastructure and energy

Okan has developed expertise in the area of infrastructure and energy in Africa, supporting:

  • Developers and investment funds active in infrastructure
  • Governments and Development Finance Institutions

Infrastructure and PPP

Examples of projects :

  • Structuring, support for negotiation and financial advisory for Bulk Terminal – West Africa
    • Market study, traffic study and coordination of the client team to produce the information memorandum
    • Financial modelling and computation of equilibrium levels (entry ticket, fees etc.)
    • Support for negotiation with the port authority and search for bank financing: EUR 39.6m debt raised

  • Support for the development of a Special Economic Zone – Central Africa
    • Refining of the concept and business planning
    • Targeting of potential investors to settle their activity in the zone

  • Corporate strategy for a port handling and logistics company – Pan African
    • Vision, target figures for each subsidiary, 5-year business plan, internal / external growth strategy
    • Setting up of a roadmap for implementation (organization, budget, monitoring indicators)

  • Structuring and financing of a new international airport – Central Africa
    • Market study, passenger and freight traffics analysis
    • Business planning and determination of optimal levels for airport fees
    • Production of the information memorandum and support for investment partners search and fundraising

  • Corporate strategy and fundraising support for a panafrican infrastructure group – Pan African
    • Presentation of existing assets, definition of investment strategy and identification of projects pipeline
    • Support for fundraising: USD 140m raised

  • Financial advisory for the acquisition of a gas power plant (70 MW) – Central Africa
    • Strategic due diligence
    • Asset valuation, risk assessment and support for the acquisition process

  • Strategic and financial advisory for a solar renewable energy projects developer – West Africa
    • Definition of a panafrican development strategy
    • Financial modelling and production of formal documentation (information memorandum) for a 40 MWp project