Natural resources

Okan has developed a strong expertise in the field of natural resources (mining, oil & gas), supporting:

  • Mining companies (public and private) during the exploration and exploitation phase
  • Oil & gas companies
  • Government in the management of their natural resources

Mining sector

Examples of projects :

  • Strategic and financial advisory for the partial sale of a world-class mining asset – Central Africa
    • Support for defining an operational roadmap until first export
    • Financial modelling and production of the information memorandum with the client team: engineering, legal, commercial members
    • Support for negotiations with investors

  • Support of an international mining group for designing its corporate social responsibility policy – West Africa

  • Structuring and fundraising support for a port mineral terminal project – West Africa
    • Review of mining projects in the hinterland and computation of traffics to be captured by the new terminal
    • Coordination of the client team and support for structuring the project, financial modelling to set up key parameters: entry ticket, fixed and variable fees
    • Production of information memorandums for debt and equity raising

  • Support for the financial restructuring of a major mining group - Maghreb
    • Full review of the business plan, identification of key performance improvement levers (from mine to port)
    • Definition of a 2-year action plan

  • Financial advisory for a fertilizer plant project – Central Africa
    • Coordination of the client team to produce the information memorandum: engineering, financial, legal, commercial members
    • Project valuation (total capex > USD 1.5b) and support for negotiations with investors willing to buy an equity stake in the project

  • Strategic advisory for a leading national mining player – West Africa
    • Strategic and operational diagnosis, from mine to port (extraction, transport, processing, export)
    • Identification of performance improvement levers, definition of an action plan and a 5-year business plan