Public sector & CSR

Okan has developed expertise in the field of public sector and CSR :

  • African governments
  • Development Finance Institutions
  • NGOs
  • CSR Department of Major Groups

Economic development and CSR

Examples of projects :

  • National development strategy for social housing – Central Africa
    • Review of the sector needs and diagnosis of obstacles for the development of housing programs (technical, regulatory, land access, financing)
    • Definition of a national development strategy for social housing: new organization framework, innovative financing strategy

  • National support strategy for SMEs development – West Africa
    • Comparative study of SMEs development policies in other countries
    • Definition of the Phoenix strategic plan: roadmap to 2020, based on 50 precise and budgeted actions (technical assistance, financing, regulatory framework etc.), including the setting up of management and implementation tools

  • Support for MCC program eligibility and Compact development – West Africa
    • Capacity building for the committee in charge of preparing the country for MCC
    • Implementation of a tactical roadmap to ensure the country eligibility in less than 2 years

  • Strategic and financial advisory for the creation of a university of excellence – West Africa
    • Review of initial positioning compared to existing public and private offers – assessment of students’ financial capacity in line with their employability
    • Production of formal documentation for strategic and financial partners

  • National development strategy for industry – Maghreb
    • SWOT analysis of two strategic sectors: agro-products and textile
    • Definition of a national strategy for the development of the two sectors, in partnership with public and private federations: financing solutions, change of regulatory framework, establishment of dedicated infrastructure

  • Review of microfinance projects from international financing institutions and foundations – Pan African